Through Innovation Capital funds, and with SISA in particular, LBO France supports the growth of innovative SMEs becoming the future leaders in Innovative Healthcare Services. The healthcare sector is currently going through a major transformation with an exponential demand in healthcare services due to an ageing population and an increase in chronic diseases requiring the search for new effective, efficient and equitable services. The SISA’s purpose is to identify, finance and support tomorrow services in healthcare and autonomy.

  • 90 deals
  • 7 investments by the SISA fund

The 7 investments of the SISA fund


Therapeutic companion software solutions


Interactive software solutions for eyewear professionals

E-appointments with healthcare professionals and clinics in UK

Exoskeleton for medical use for walking again


Improve surgeon training and surgery safety with 3D printed organs


Facilitates remote access to health care anytime anywhere


Global provider of eCOA


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