About us

Since its inception in 1985, pioneer in the French Private Equity market, with €3.4 billion under management as of December 2017, LBO France is one of the largest private equity firms in France in the discounted market.

We offer exceptional coverage of the French market, with four interlocking areas of expertise: middle cap buyouts (the White Knight funds) and small cap buyouts (the Hexagone and Small Caps Opportunities funds), venture capital (the Digital Health funds), real estate (the White Stone and Lapillus funds), debt (the Altercap funds). This breadth of specialist knowledge makes us a private equity leader in France – the second-largest economy in Europe and the fifth-largest in the world.

With seasoned and diversified teams, a well-established position and in-depth knowledge of the French economy, LBO France offers management and investors of portfolio companies a wealth of experience and opportunities that spur value creation..

Our strategy of diversification and growth has enabled us to achieve a critical mass that allows us to devote substantial financial and human resources to continuously improve the services we provide to our portfolio companies and investors.
LBO France is wholly owned by its senior executives, a guarantee of independence and accountability. Governance is collegial. The Board of directors consisting of Robert Daussun (Chairman of the Management Board), Marie-Astrid Auriol (CFO), Stéphanie Casciola (Head of Real Estate), Sophie Chateau (Head of Investor Relations), Jacques Franchi (Head of Debt and Chief Investment Officer) and Gilles Taldu (Head of Operating Performance), is responsible for overall strategy.

Board of directors : 

                                    Robert Daussun                         Marie-Astrid Auriol                          Stéphanie Casciola                    

                                     Sophie Chateau                         Jacques Franchi                              Gilles Taldu

  • Strategy

    Through 4 strategies, LBO France is a player on: buy-out, venture capital, real estate, debt.

  • Investors

    LBO France values and builds on its investors’ trust.

  • Key figures

    Over 100 companies supported.

    More than €2 billion real estate transactions.