Our strategy

Over the past fifteen years, LBO France has developed a platform of complementary expertise providing it with an excellent coverage of the French market and offering a vast array of investment solutions.

In Private Equity, the core business of the management company, the original activity of the management company, through its White KnightHexagone and Small Caps Opportunities funds, LBO France invests as a majority shareholder in French and Italian (for the Small Caps Opportunities fund) growth companies with a strong presence abroad or with significant international potential.

LBO France develops an original approach to value creation based on a combination of diverse expertise in analyzing investment opportunities. The Operating team supports the investment teams on several topics such as: build-ups, supply chain management, and digital transformation and consists of former CEOs and experienced operational managers who are 100% dedicated to LBO France.

The dividing line between the funds Small Cap (Hexagone and Small Caps Opportunities) and Mid Cap (White Knight) is set at 100 million euros in enterprise value. It represents the approximate demarcation between transmission by founders on the one hand, and by financial operators and large groups on the other. Since its inception, LBO France has supported more than one hundred companies.

In Venture, LBO France is one of the very first European players to offer a sectoral fund specialized in digital health. The objective is to acquire equity interests in innovative companies generally as lead investor, in order to finance their investments and accelerate their commercial growth both in France and abroad. The strategy is implemented by a team with dual healthcare and technology expertise.

In Real Estate, LBO France has implemented two complementary investment strategies: a value added strategy (White Stone) and a medium and long-term yield strategy, called a core + strategy, (Lapillus). The real estate portfolios are widely diversified: they include both real estate assets (offices, residential, commercial, etc.) and sector-based companies (developers, construction companies, hotels, etc.). The real estate strategy is managed and implemented by an integrated team of experienced professionals who cover all business dimensions: investment, asset management, financial expertise and legal expertise.

In Debt, concentrated since 2009 on the purchase of unlisted debt in the secondary market, in 2018 LBO France launched in partnership with SCOR IP a leveraged loans fund focused on first lien secured loans issued by European medium sized companies (EBITD < €100m).


In 2018, LBO France has also launched the FCPR White Caps Sélection, a private equity fund for individual investors relying on wealth management professionals who have been selected at an early stage to be involved in all stages of the creation process of the FCPR. 

  • About us

    With €3.4 billion under management as of December 2017, LBO France is one of the largest private equity firms in France.

  • Investors

    LBO France values and builds on its investors’ trust.

  • Key figures

    Over 100 companies supported.

    More than €2 billion real estate transactions.