ESG Sustainable Development Award

LBO France is committed to be a responsible operator for its shareholdings and investors.

LBO France launched its ESG approach in 2011 with the signature of the "Principles for Responsible Investment" (UNPRI (s)) and the drafting of an engagement charter (see ).

Various initiatives followed in the investment and reporting processes.

The company decided in 2015 to accelerate this development, in order to become one of the leading companies in this field. This action covers five fields: shareholdings, management company, investors, ecosystem and professional institutions.

LBO France has appointed a person in charge of the ESG who works with all the teams. All staff is trained by external specialists and regularly attends ad hoc training / information sessions on important and / or topical subjects.

With regard to portfolio holdings and new acquisitions, the ESG appears to be a real lever for transformation, helping to strengthen the robustness and resilience of activities and provide opportunities for development. It is therefore fully included in all investment processes with coherence and pragmatism. LBO France was also one of the first firms to conduct ESG Vendor Due Diligence, performed for Maisons du Monde in 2013.

Several LBO France holdings have placed the CSR dimension at the heart of their strategy.

LBO France is a signatory of the AFIC charter, a member of the steering committee of the AFIC ESG commission and is represented on the Cercle Ethique des Affaires. LBO France is one of the management companies behind the “2020 Carbon Initiative” at COP21 in November 2015 which provides, as of 2016: - to take into account the climate issue in the investment process with the aim of gradually extending the approach to all the companies controlled, - to publish, from 2020, the carbon footprint of these same investments.

In early 2017, LBO France launched an operational ESG club to enable managers from all portfolio companies to hold discussions with LBO France personnel. The meeting is held once or twice a year and includes topical discussions, good practices and brainstorming, with external expert support when required.

The global ESG strategy of LBO France is gradually being extended to all its activities.

In October 2016, LBO France signed the energy efficiency charter for public and private commercial buildings under the Plan Bâtiment Durable (sustainable building plan). LBO France has consequently joined the largest investors and users of commercial buildings in France by officially committing itself to an active energy saving approach among the real estate assets it manages. The Plan Bâtiment Durable is the result of Grenelle 2 environmental legislation and is designed to mobilise construction and real estate companies around a voluntary and shared mission: to promote the implementation of energy efficiency objectives, notably by commencing building renovations without delay to improve the occupants' well-being.

In the spring of 2017, LBO France is starting to develop its ESG approach within the venture business, launched in 2016 with the acquisition and absorption of the Innovation Capital management company, which specializes in digital health.

Finally, in 2016 the company supported Fondation Goélands* in their fight against genetic diseases, in addition to the human and financial support it provided for disadvantaged students.

Furthermore, since 2017, LBO France supports the Prix de l'Innovation awarded to the best company project by students taking the Bioentrepreneurs master's degree created by Imagine Institute, Paris-Descartes University, Ecole Polytechnique and HEC.

LBO France won the ESG Sustainable Development Award at the 2017 and 2018 Private Equity Magazine Awards.

LBO France details its ESG policy in the following document 

*A foundation under the umbrella of the Fondation pour l’Enfance, a recognised public utility foundation.