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The power of collective performance

As a specialist in multiple areas of investment, with around 60 employees, each activity is assigned its own dedicated team with the necessary levels of expertise to guarantee suitable analysis and accountability in the management of their area of expertise.

From its French base, LBO France has been investing for several years in Italy, where it has set up two offices, in Milan and Rome, for its small cap, real estate and energy infrastructure activities.

Information is circulated and experience and best practices are shared to ensure personal development and collective efficiency.

LBO France’s teams all share the same spirit of entrepreneurship, openness, collectivity and agility with a view to best serving their projects, companies, the managers and their teams.

Investments made in 2021

Key figures

€6.6 bn
of capital raised
+ 60
+ 30 years
of experience
investments since inception
unrealised investments
> 1.6m sqm
acquired since 2003


The project partner

Support change within companies, help them to meet the challenges posed by competition, growth and innovation in an increasingly complex world,

Facilitate business transmission to ensure continuity and help them to continue writing their own history,

Provide the human and financial resources that are crucial for their development and to help them meet the challenges of a changing world,

Give substance to innovation to ensure it lasts,

Finance development and infrastructures of the future to make the economy more efficient and housing more accessible, better performing and sustainable,

These are LBO France’s ambitions.

deals from proprietary or privileged access
Operational Value Creation

Operational Value Creation

As a willing but demanding partner of companies’ management teams, and as an active manager in the real estate projects developed by it, LBO France draws on a range of value creation drivers:

  • A local foothold. Local teams which ensure in-depth knowledge of the French market
  • Expertise. Senior staff with cross-disciplinary skills, and sector and operational expertise
  • Collective intelligence. Cross-fertilisation of the teams to ensure effective sharing of best practices
  • Involved at operational level. Individual and collective dedication by the teams on the ground, alongside companies’ management teams, to provide technical and financial support
  • Independence. An independent and autonomous investor working to help accomplish entrepreneurial projects
  • Alignment of interests. Shared objectives of LBO France, the companies and the investors
  • Social responsibility. Value creation is only meaningful if it is for a collective purpose, with clear objectives, a transparent approach, and respect for women, men and the environment
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Environmental, Social and Corporate-Governance Criteria


ESG Sustainable Development Award, PE Magazine


of portfolio companies (Buy-out, Venture) supported

75% on a regular basis
25% on an annual-basis

In a world coming to grips with new objectives, the value creation must take into account the future of its people and the environment. Respect on both counts is a duty. Shareholder investors have a particular responsibility because they more than others have the power and means to exert influence and take action.

Environmental, social and governance criteria frame and direct LBO France’s investment decisions and development plans and underpin its collective projects.

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Investor Relations

Over the years, LBO France has developed relationships with several hundred French and foreign investors, institutions, Family Offices and entrepreneurs.

The Investor Relations team is the first point of contact for investors within LBO France and their privileged interlocutor. It provides all investors, regardless of their profile and size, with a response tailored to their needs in a long-term partnership approach.

Beyond the performance of its investments, LBO France strives to offer a quality service that guarantees the loyalty of its investors.

The Investor Relations team is therefore very concerned about the accuracy of the information provided, its clarity and the respect of deadlines.

The trust shown by investors is the true value of a management company and transparency and listening are the key to this.

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