LBO France in short

LBO France has been a key private equity player in France and Italy over the last 35 years, operating on the business transmission market. It keeps a close eye on market changes and the potential for new opportunities, and over the years has broadened its scope to include other areas of illiquid investments, to which it applies the same key success factors. Its unique qualities are put to work across all its activities: the market knowledge of a local player, a high degree of selectivity and an overall emphasis on the value creation. Investors also benefit from the vision and convictions of a responsible player, and the analysis methods and human and financial resources necessary for their success.

Key figures

€6.6 bn
of capital raised
+ 60
+ 30 years
of experience
investments since inception
unrealised investments
> 1.6m sqm
acquired since 2003

Environmental, social and governance criteria


LBO France wins the ESG Sustainable Development Award


Private equity portfolio companies (LBO, Venture) supported

75% in an in-depth approach
25% in an annual process

In a world that has become aware of new challenges, the creation of value cannot be blind to the future of mankind and its environment. It must respect both. Investor-shareholders have a particular responsibility, since they have more power and means to influence and act than others.

For LBO France, environmental, social and governance criteria frame and guide investment decisions and development plans and cement collective projects.