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Jul. 2024

LBO France acquires minority stake in Leascorp

Paris, July 01st, 2024, 09:00 AM – LBO France, a multi-specialist and multi-country investment platform, today announces the acquisition of a minority stake in Leascorp, a specialized actor in digitized leasing brokerage. Leascorp assists its partner-distributors in the sale of their products and services by facilitating leasing financing with partner refinancing companies.

Both co-founders and directors, Nicolas Remy and Nicolas Hamon, have engineering backgrounds and began their careers as commercial managers at Avenao and Leasecom. They founded Leascorp in 2014 with the ambition of creating a solution that simplifies and streamlines leasing financing through digitalization.

Addressing current business financing issues, the French leasing market is experiencing significant growth, now representing nearly 38 billion euros, with 6 billion euros attributed to sectors targeted by Leascorp.

Based in Nantes and currently employing over 30 people, the company positions itself at the heart of the leasing value chain, connecting contract refinance companies with equipment distributors and enabling the latter to find the best financing solutions for their end customers. To achieve this, Leascorp has developed a digital platform: Apliz. Directly integrated into the operating systems of both equipment distributors and lessors, it deploys the full range of services offered by Leascorp.

Initially focused on software financing, Leascorp has successfully diversified into other markets, including : cash register systems, office equipment, light industrial equipment, and mobile homes. In 2021, Leascorp also founded Fiimat, a subsidiary specializing in the financing of intangible assets, particularly websites.

Leascorp’s strategy is based on digitization through its Apliz platform and adaptability via its brokerage solution and customized pricing. The company also offers total transparency and ensures a fair distribution of added value, underpinning the trusted relationships with its partners.

Moreover, Leascorp is fully aligned with the principles of a circular economy. Its business model promotes more efficient use of equipment and facilitates their reuse.

Thanks to its disruptive model, Leascorp has experienced an average annual growth of over 38% since its inception. In 2023, the company surpassed 125 million euros in financed assets, representing 59 million euros in revenue. The company counts nearly 90 partner-distributors and 9 refinance companies.

Convinced by its historical performance, the innovative nature of its solution, its potential, and the quality of its management team, LBO France enters Leascorp’s capital as a minority shareholder, alongside the founding directors who are significantly reinvesting and remain fully committed to the company’s development.

Building on its success and with the operational support of LBO France, Leascorp will continue its growth by strengthening relationships with current partners, expanding its solution into new markets in France, and broadening its range of services, particularly in the management of equipment with expiring leasing contracts.

Nicolas Remy and Nicolas Hamon, co-founders and co-directors of Leascorp, declare: “We are pleased and proud to share this new stage. The integration of LBO France into our capital will allow us to consolidate and sustain our growth, making us a key player in sales financing and the circular economy.”

Guy Van Der Mensbrugghe, Managing Director at LBO France, confirms: “We are very pleased to join Leascorp’s capital, which is experiencing strong growth dynamics with its disruptive positioning in the leasing market, thanks to its digital solution and market adaptability. Nicolas Remy, Nicolas Hamon, and the Leascorp teams have achieved remarkable progress, and we are delighted to join them in this acceleration and amplification project of their strategic roadmap.”

List of participants and advisors in the operation:

  • LBO France: Guy Van Der Mensbrugghe, Arthur Balland, Maxime Derossi
  • CA MidCap Advisors – M&A Advisory: Philippe Azevedo, François Chauvel, Hugo Chevreteau
  • Eight Advisory – Vendor Financial Due Diligence: Bertrand Perrette, Maxime Berlivet, Marwan Benkirane, Théo Pollet
  • Gueguen Avocats – Vendor Legal Advisory: Pierre-Marie Cado, Marie Messerschmitt, Sophie Joalland
  • BM&A – Investor Financial Due Diligence: Guilhem de Montmarin, Stéphanie Vignancour, Thomas Yvanoff
  • Lamartine Conseil – Investor Legal Advisory: Fabien Mauvais, Camille Le Foyer de Costil, Carla Bellavia
  • Invigors – Investor Strategic & Commercial Due Diligence: Paul Johnson-Ferguson, Ian Robertson, Patrick Gouin, Philippe Lapeyre, NickFeasey

About LBO France

A pioneer in private equity in France, LBO France is now a multi-specialist and multi-country investment platform of reference. Active in Private Equity, Real Estate, Venture, and listed markets, the company has extended its activities in Europe, particularly in Italy with its subsidiary Polis Fondi SGR, as well as in Africa with its subsidiary CGF Bourse. Wholly owned by its executives, LBO France is one of the founding members of the international climate initiative and one of the first signatories of the France Invest parity charter.

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About Leascorp

Founded in 2014 and based in Nantes, Leascorp specializes in digitized brokerage of leasing contracts. With its innovative digital solution, it offers an alternative to sales financing for equipment distributors by delving into their business constraints and supporting their value generation. Experiencing continuous growth since its inception and driven by its co-directors Nicolas Remy & Nicolas Hamon and their team, the company aims to expand into new sectors to become the leading reference in the Leasing-Services market in France.

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