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Help companies on the ground to progress towards better efficiency and performance. Boost their development. Anticipate problems, identify issues and priorities, suggest solutions, formalize action plans and monitor their implementation.

This is the mission of the LBO France Operational team.

Coming from the world of business and consulting, its members get involved early in the pre-acquisition phase, to support strategic and operational due-diligence and post-acquisition to structure and monitor value creation roadmaps, and ambitious transformation plans.

Operational Value Creation

Operational Value Creation

Collaborating closely with management, the Operating team is mobilized on a number of the following key aspects of the analysis and valuation of an investment:

  • Company development strategy
  • Adequacy of human and financial resources to the objectives pursued
  • Structuring and supporting the implementation of development or transformation projects
  • Root cause identification of deviations from the business plan, suggest corrective measures and assist with the implementation

At the request of management, the Operating team can activate the most varied levers of value creation, also leveraging an extended team including carefully selected external experts digital communication, e-commerce, logistics and supply chain, pricing, international development, external growth, etc.

Its strengths are the keys to its success:

Its strengths are the keys to its success:

  • Expertise. Senior, multidisciplinary employees with sectoral expertise and an experience in best functional practices, leveraging a transformation toolbox acquired in the best consulting firms
  • Collective intelligence. Cross-fertilization of teams at LBO France and managers of portfolio companies for effective sharing of good practices
  • Operational involvement. Individual and collective commitment from the teams in the field, working in a project mode, alongside business leaders
  • Respect for skills and humility. A non-intrusive approach, interventions not imposed but requested, a permanent search for adhesion