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Jun. 2022
LBO France

LBO France evolves in its governance and capital structure and appoints Stéphanie Casciola as Chief Executive Officer

LBO France evolves in its governance and capital structure and appoints Stéphanie Casciola as Chief Executive Officer

Paris, June 27, 2022 – LBO France, a multi-specialist investment platform, announces the appointment of Stéphanie Casciola as CEO, drawing a new milestone in its governance and capital structure evolution.


An evolution in governance and capital structure

Stéphanie Casciola joined LBO France in 2003 and is now one of the firm’s key figures. She created the Real Estate activity as she arrived and actively participated in transforming LBO France into a multi-specialist investment platform.

With Stéphanie Casciola’s appointment, 30% of the capital held by Robert Daussun is to be sold to part of the management team and three new Partners: Sophie Chateau, in charge of Investor Relations since 2015, Arthur Bernardin, in charge of the LBO small cap activity in Italy since 2017, and Valéry Huot, in charge of the Venture – digital health activity since 2016.

This first step in LBO France’s evolution favors transmission to the team in place and anchors the fundamentals that have rooted its success and uniqueness : a wise and passionate investor approach combining agility and creativity with pragmatism and rigorous execution, an entrepreneurial and committed spirit dedicated to projects and companies.

All along this first-phase transition, Robert Daussun will continue to bring his experience, network and strategic vision to the benefit of the firm as Chairman of the company and President of the various investment committees.

Stéphanie Casciola, new CEO of LBO France, states: “This appointment marks a new milestone for LBO France. In 20 exciting years, the Company has gone from being a pioneer in private equity to a fully operational multi-specialist platform.” She adds, “I am proud to develop LBO France further through the know-how and driving force of the team and with an integrated & ambitious ESG policy in all investment strategies.”

A long-term strategy to develop a multi-specialist platform

 In 2003, LBO France was the first company to set up an investment platform, extending  its private equity range to small caps and real estate activities. Since 2016, LBO France has reached a new milestone in the evolution of its model and adopted a multi-specialist platform strategy in France and in Italy : promising business niches have been successively added, such as digital health in venture, proptech in real estate, infra debt and listed shares. LBO France is also expanding in targeted, high-potential geographic areas, especially in French-speaking Africa.

In this context, the new CEO Stéphanie Casciola will aim to consolidate and accelerate the development of LBO France platform, which stands out for its agility, its ability to anticipate changes and seize opportunities in a fast-changing economy.

In 35 years of existence, LBO France has constantly reinvented itself by taking advantage of opportunities that arose in the market. Our diversification strategy, launched in 2003, has borne fruits in our unlisted investment businesses since private equity now accounts for only about half of the assets under management. LBO France, originally a local, single-market player, has become a multi-business, multi-country platform. I am fully confident in Stéphanie Casciola to cultivate this pioneering spirit at LBO France and to provide new impetus in the years to come” said Robert Daussun, Chairman of LBO France.

In order to enhance this collective spirit  and give it all its strength, Stéphanie Casciola will rely on seasoned, long-standing Partners, and on expert teams in their field, with a solid track-record.