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Mar. 2024

LBO France wins Transparency Awards 2024 for best private equity fund reporting

Paris, 27 February 2024 – Labrador, a leading provider of regulated information whose mission is to promote transparency, announces the 4 winners of the Asset Management 2024 Transparency Awards. This 2nd edition of the awards bears witnesses to the growing interest shown by asset management companies in the quality of their information and the issues surrounding extra-financial information.


Lauréats 2024

Private Equity Fund Reporting Award: LBO France (nominees: EMZ Partners and Seven2)

Real Estate Fund Reporting Prize (SCPI) Sogenial Immobilier (nominees: Corum AM and Swisslife AM)

Website Prize: CAPZA nominees: Abenex and Andera Partners)

ESG/Climate Report Prize: RGREEN INVEST (nominees : CAPZA and Cerea)


“I would like to congratulate all the winners and their teams. In a complex environment, marked by high geopolitical and social risks in France and abroad, transparency is one of the keys to a relationship of trust between management companies and their investors. Funds are increasingly being challenged, so they need to step up their communication and reporting processes”, said Laurent Rouyrès, Chairman and founder of the Labrador group.

On Thursday 29 February, the prize-winners took part in a webinar organised from 9am to 10am in the presence of : Sophie Chateau, Partner, Director of Investor Relations at LBO France – Jean-Marie Souclier, Chairman of Sogenial Immobilier – Gwenaëlle Boucly, Marketing & Communications Director at Capza – Julien Commarieu, ESG, Risk and Compliance Manager at Rgreen Invest.

This ceremony is hosted by Karine Roze, senior consultant in Asset Management, in the presence of Noëlla de Bermingham, RSE Director at Andera Partners and the 2023 winner of the ESG/Climate Report Award.

Here is the link to the replay of the ceremony:!/labradorfr/20240229_2

This 2nd edition of the Asset Management Transparency Awards shows that while the transparency of asset management companies’ communications is improving, there is still room for improvement in terms of education. Nevertheless, the trend is positive, with an average level of transparency of 40.8% across all categories, compared with 38.0% in 2023, an increase of 2.8% this year. These results are encouraging and are driven in particular by the development of extra-financial supports (+3.7 points for an average level of 39%), which are evolving to meet the criteria imposed by new regulations.


About the Asset Management Transparency Awards:

The Asset Management Transparency Awards recognize the transparency of information provided by asset management companies. They are based on a tried and tested methodology: 172 evaluation criteria, covering both public and confidential media (fund reports, websites, ESG reports, climate reports), 178 management companies analyzed (assets under management in excess of €800 million in private equity and €500 million in real estate).

About Labrador:

Labrador is a leader in regulated information. For 30 years, the Group has been developing unique expertise in financial publishing, CSR, governance, non-financial reporting, financial communication, ethics, plain language, legal design, consultancy, legal translation, financial translation, investor and shareholder relations, regulation, regulated communication consultancy, slideshows, non-financial communication, ESG, Digital, Design, ESEF and IPO. Labrador is an active campaigner for more transparent and effective corporate information, thanks to its unique operational expertise and a method combining design, education and plain language. The company has 250 professionals in France, the United States and Asia.


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