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Sep. 2017

OpenHealth Company, the 8th investment of SISA fund managed by LBO France / Innovation Capital

Paris, 13th September 2017 – OpenHealth Company, specialised in real-time healthcare data collection and analysis, closed a financing round over €5m led by LBO France / Innovation Capital. In September, it will launch The Hub, the largest healthcare data analysis platform available in France.

OpenHealth’s Hub aggregates data from multiple sources to offer a variety of powerful capabilities for analysis in three major areas:

– Sales and marketing: Consumer data on all types of healthcare products (more than 200,000 referenced) aimed at the pharmaceutical industry and marketing research firms. These data are available in real time and include sales in pharmacies and supermarkets thanks to a partnership with IRI.

– Health watch: Analysis and mapping by geographical area to conduct epidemiological analyses, monitor healthcare product sales and track health events in real time.

– Safe use of healthcare products: The analysis of proper medication use and the creation of online cohorts provide information about how medicines and healthcare products are used in real-life (age of patients treated, related treatments, compliance with contraindications and good practices, treatment regimens, etc.), which is essential for risk management by manufacturers and health authorities.

These new services will make it possible for data to be explored and analysed through a simple web browser, thereby giving all stakeholders, healthcare industries, public authorities, consulting firms and research organisations easy access to relevant data.

The analysis of healthcare data will gradually change how we understand various challenges in the healthcare sector. After massive investments in many developed countries, and especially North America, this was the first fundraising operation to be held in France in this field. Through its SISA fund dedicated to companies in the European digital healthcare sector, LBO France / Innovation Capital led the round over €5m. In 2017, OpenHealth Company also received financial support from Bpifrance.

“By making data more accessible to stakeholders and allowing them to develop indicators that were previously complex and costly to obtain, we are accelerating the production of new knowledge”, says Dr Patrick Guérin, President of OpenHealth. “Either for market studies, post-authorisation studies on health product use or healthcare safety, OpenHealth’s Hub is helping to make deep changes to how we understand these data while maintaining the strictest level of privacy”, explains CEO Dr Jean-Yves Robin.

Ingrid Rayez, Director of Investment at LBO France / Innovation Capital, adds, “We are thrilled to work with OpenHealth and its experienced leaders. This is the eighth investment of our SISA fund dedicated to digital healthcare and autonomy in Europe. The collection and real-time analysis of healthcare data has become key, especially for monitoring the use of healthcare products in real world. With The Hub, OpenHealth is well positioned to become leader in this sector.”

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About OpenHealth

OpenHealth Company, founded in 2015 by Patrick Guérin, former President of Celtipharm, and JeanYves Robin, former Director of ASIP Santé, is the leading French company in the collection and realtime analysis of healthcare data. This expertise is supported by the processing of multiple data sources, including pharmacy sales data (a panel of more than 10,000 pharmacies, retained by the French High Authority of Health – HAS and the National Agency for the Safety of Medicine and Health Products – ANSM), geographical data, longitudinal patient data, outpatient medical data and international data. The company provides industrial and institutional customers with new flexible solutions and unique sector-specific support with its multidisciplinary team of doctors, pharmacists, statisticians, market access experts and industry executives. OpenHealth, which has around 50 employees at its Parisian headquarters and production site in Vannes, France, has projected its 2017 turnover at around €10m. The company is an accredited personal healthcare data host.

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About LBO France / Innovation Capital

As a key player in private equity with €3.6bn of capital under management, LBO France is an independent company which has been supporting French companies in their growth for more than 30 years. Its strategy is based on four investment approaches in non-listed companies, managed by dedicated teams: (i) Mid Cap buyout via the White Knight funds and Small Cap buyout via the Hexagone funds, (ii) Venture Capital via the Innovation Capital funds, (iii) Real Estate via the White Stone and Lapillus funds, (iv) Debt. The SISA fund, Innovation Capital’s latest fund dedicated to digital healthcare and autonomy, is today strong of 8 portfolio companies : Voluntis, FittingBox, Zesty, Wandercraft, Biomodex, H4D, Kayentis and OpenHealth.



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