Real Estate

With the White Stone and Lapillus funds, LBO France has two real estate strategies that complement one another: value-add (White Stone) and medium and long-term returns (Lapillus). The investment strategy is run by an experienced, purpose-oriented team with in-house asset management, financial and legal expertise needed to provide seamless continuity between acquisition and management of real estate holdings.

  • €2.0 billion in acquisitions
  • 33 deals

Exit of West Park, June 2017


West Park: Development project for a 20,100 sqm office building overlooking the Terrasses de l’Arche in Nanterre, next to Nanterre Préfecture station on the RER A commuter line and the future Grand Paris Nanterre La Folie hub station.

Stéphanie Casciola, Partner, Head of Real Estate: "We are extremely pleased to have turned a complex yet promising real-estate project such as WEST PARK into an attractive and successful investment. Again, this clearly demonstrates LBO France’s offensive and value-added strategy on the French office market and its ability to identify and restructure promising assets in areas with substantial turnaround potential, and always with a clear focus on long-term sustainability."



  • Date of entry : 2015

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